Who can apply to the Spring Craft Fair?  Vendors who sell handmade items can participate in the Spring Craft Fair.  We will not accept vendors who sell commercial / mass produced items.  In addition, we are accepting local businesses to apply to promote their business (i.e., dance studios, art and music classes, etc.)

What would qualify as a "High End" item?  A "High End" item does not necessarily mean your most expensive item.  It has to be an item that would appeal to people buying a raffle and not your "worst" item. 

Is a table provided?  The cost for craft and business vendors to participate is $50 for a 6' table space, assuming you provide your own 6' table and chairs ($15 additional if we provide 6' table and 2 chairs at cost.)

How and when will I know if I am accepted?  Acceptance emails will be sent out via email by April 1, 2011 and you will also receive your space assignment. 

How do you pick your vendors?
The Craft Fair is juried — We will review everyone's completed application and then choose vendors based on a few factors. In addition to quality, uniqueness, and presentation of your craft, we will also be looking to achieve a great diversity of wares and price ranges and will therefore take that into consideration as we make our selection of vendors. 


Is there a fee at the door? No! Please save your money for our wonderful assortment of crafts, food and fun.

Who is organizing the Spring Craft Fair?  The St. Sebastian School Spring Craft Fair is organized and hosted by the St. Sebastian School Parent Association.

How does the Spring Craft Fair benefit St. Sebastian School? The Spring Craft Fair will benefit the art, music, science and many other programs at St. Sebastian School. We are looking for creative ways to engage the broader community and raise funds for our students' continued enrichment. The Spring Craft Fair is our newest fundraiser.

As a shopper what will I find at the fair?You will find a variety of handmade items from jewelry and stationery to bags, purses, buttons, soaps and creams. You will discover artist-designed apparel for children and adults as well as artisan-crafted ceramic wear, glass wear and delicious baked goods.